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About Krystal Dowdy

Hello everyone, my name is Krystal Dowdy.

 I live in Cottonwood OK with my nana, brother Dustin, and sister Ashleigh.

 I have lived here since I was nine years old.  I attended Cottonwood School for

five years, from the third to the eighth grade. I graduated in 2005. 

I attended Coalgate High School where I graduated

in 2009.

I attended Kimichi Votech my Junior and Senior years also a third year as an adult.  

I received my Entry Level, Teacher Assistant , Master Teacher, Para Professional, and Director

certificates while attending Kiamichi.

As a young child, Cottonwood School was the first school I had attended for more than a month.

It is an  amazing opportunity to work with the people who taught me

My grandma and  Cottonwood became the family I always wanted.

Thank you all for everything you have given me.

I've managed to turn my life around from what it was when I was younger.

I credit a safer childhood to good teaching, discipline, and loving people who helped me along the way.









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